KriyátiveEdge is here to bring experiential learning up close and personal to young minds and nurture them to comprehend and learn about the world we live in. For young learners, things coming together to become working objects is quite amazing. That’s the experience they can expect from our models and experiments.

KriyátiveEdge has charted a course for 6-14+ year olds for a comprehensive hands-on learning experience. The challenges and experiments become more complex and open-ended to allow for free thinking and therefore innovative and new solutions based on experience. Our models are designed around themes such as Transportation, Assistance, Construction, Farming, Small Tools and Animals and so on. This is something they experience and hear from parents and teachers.

You will definitely appreciate the interesting and brain stimulating creative activities we offer. It will be an interactive, engaging and an entertaining experience to the participants who will enjoy a significant improvement in their overall learning abilities.

We will provide you with everything – All you need to bring is yourself and an open mind…

We truly believe in "Enable Your Child" as our mission and the mantra that early foundation and experience are key differentiators as kids grow up. Nurture your child and instill creativity and confidence through us as we combine one of the most proven mechanisms and our world-wide experience to equip your child for a better tomorrow! Choose a proven international path to learning creatively with our LEGO® offerings.

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